Invitation to Nature-Based Play: Mud Kitchen

mudkitch5 If you know children who, like my boys, love to help out in the kitchen and love playing in the mud, this nature play invitation is a slam dunk!

I know it looks involved, but the preparation was not complicated. The kitchen is made of cinder blocks that were lying next to our shed, a particle board “cook top” that was collecting dust in the basement, and stones from the garden. The dishes and utensils were old ones from our basement and the pots are from the kids’ play kitchen.

mudkitch2 mudkitch1

I went around the yard and cut off flower heads and leaves for them to use as they wished. We dug a small hole in the ground for them to access the dirt and kept the hose nearby for water access. And then I let them at it!


They got to work making all sorts of mud concoctions. Mud cake. Mud pie. Mud soup. Mud muffins. Mud ice. They were in Mud Heaven. I was delighted to hear all of the vocabulary they were using, all the new tools they were trying out, all the imaginative play they were engaging in, and all the time they were spending together getting along.


When the play was done, I turned on the sprinkler and they rinsed each and every dish and spoon until everything was clean. The clean up was actually just as fun. These boys love water! Then I sprayed down the “cook top” and the mud kitchen was ready for the next day.


I know it’s messy, but it’s sooooooo fun!

Happy Outdoor, Imaginative Playing!

This “Invitation” was contributed by: Laura Grunze Franz