Finding and Creating the ABC’s in Nature


Nature ABC”s

This lesson was created for my daughters’ Nature Preschool Class.  I wanted to introduce the alphabet in a way that connected the child’s body and many of their senses with nature.

DSC03916 (2)

Truly “C”ing the Letters in Nature

First, I gave each child a foil letter that they carried with them and referenced to help them create the letter correctly.  Then the children looked for specific letters in the natural world around them.  After observing, we asked them to physically form the letter with natural materials of their choice.


“Making Letters Following the Template”

We photographed each letter, and later we printed out the alphabet and the children cut and pasted them into a book.  These books can be used to practice writing the letters or collaging images that start with the same letter.  We also printed a large copy and posted it on the wall of the classroom!  This could be a great Family Nature Club Activity for a multi-age group focused on early childhood up through around 7 years old.


Finding a “Y”!

Lesson Created and Written by: Janimarie Lester DeRose

Fall Lesson Idea: “The Leaf Man”

“The Leaf Man” Fall Lesson

Themes: This lesson explores fall leaves and encourages free exploration in the fall woods and gathering of leaves of different shapes and sizes.

Ages:It is a perfect multi-age lesson and can be enjoyed by children from age 1-10 or perhaps even older.

Location: Meet outside in the fall in a piece of woods that will have diversity of fall leaves and plants

Time: 45 min to 1.5 hours depending on how much free exploration time is provided


1.  Start by sitting in a circle and accessing prior knowledge by talking about what the kids already know about trees and leaves.

2.  Sing a fall leaf song

3.  Read the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Charlie Leafman

Reading the “Leafman”.

 4.  Each child then gets a large paper split into 6 squares with the part of the leafman they need to collect on a collection tray:

leafman setup

The Leafman design templates

5.  Then the children are free to explore the woods picking out what they want to represent each body part.

6.  They are then given glue and a new large paper and they assemble their Leafman.

charlie leafman building

Assembling the Leafman

7.  Everyone shares their creative designs together at the end.

Lucy and her leafman

An example of the final product

If time go for a hike and free play enjoying the Fall woods!

This fun lesson was designed by Corie Scribner and written by Olivia Griset