Here are a collection of resources and links that we at Nature Families have found useful in our work.  If you have a resource you would like us to explore and potentially add to the list please contact us!  Thanks!

Family Nature Clubs:

The Children and Nature Network have created a wonderful toolkit for helping you start your own family nature club.  Check it out if you are interested in this topic.

National Project Learning Tree has a great page with ideas on getting families out in nature.

Nearby Nature’s tips for starting a Family Nature Club…

The Indiana Children and Nature Network tips for starting a Family Nature Club:

Nature Nuts Family Nature Club:  Natural Start Alliance Spotlight

Family Nature Toolkit from the World Forum Foundation

Family Nature Club Article from Kids Unplugged

The Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust Young Explorers Club:  Here is an example of a land trust running a family nature club-this club meets weekly, is taught by a professional educator, and takes place at the different land trust properties and includes an interesting “passport” program.  It is FREE and open to the public.  Check out their site for more information on this model.

Family Adventures in Nature San Diego-This is a cool model for a family nature club created by Janice Swaisgood.  This idea offers meet ups in the community and anyone can come to the activities- they use the website to organize the nature meet ups.  Janice Swaisgood also works for the Children and Nature Network with their natural families work.  She is a great resource on family nature clubs!  You can contact her through this website.

Austin Families in Nature– This is a great website about getting families out in nature together.  This website shows another model for a community based family nature club started by parent and educator Heather Kuhlken that grew into a non-profit organization that now serves a large city.  A very inspirational story and a website with a lot of great information for anyone wanting to learn more about Family Nature Clubs-check it out!

A great how to article for starting a family nature club in your area: Family Nature Clubs: A Path to Happier Communities and A Healthier Planet

Teaching Outside in Winter:

Tips on teaching children outside in winter written by Nature Families writers Olivia Griset and Corie Scribner

The New Nature Movement:

To find out more about the New Nature Movement follow the New Nature Movement blog from the Children and Nature Network.

Nature-Based Play:

This is an awesome gathering of quotes about the power of Nature-Based play:Nature Play Quotes


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