Invitations to Nature-Based Play

by Nature Families play specialist- Laura Grunze Franz

“Play is the exultation of the possible.” -Martin Buber
One of our goals at Nature Families is to assist parents and families in their efforts to interact with nature as often as possible. Please explore the category on our site “Invitations to Nature-based Play”, where we will offer ideas and activities that encourage children and their caregivers to connect with nature in a fun, hands on approach. The goal of these “Invitations” is to supply children with inviting materials that encourage them to dive deeply into the creative process. Children are innately curious, creative, and energetic. Adults can help transform these traits into a love of learning by offering activities that encourage observation, investigation, problem solving and creativity. By incorporating these opportunities in a nature-based, fun playtime, you will inspire life long learners and lovers of nature. We hope these “Invitations”, inspired by our natural world, can inspire you and the children in your life.
“… A ditch somewhere – or a creek, meadow, woodlot, or marsh…. These are places of initiation, where the borders between ourselves and other creatures break down, where the earth gets under our nails and a sense of place gets under our skin…. Everybody has a ditch, or ought to. For only the ditches and the field, the woods, the ravines – can teach us to care enough for all the land.”
— Robert Michael Pyle, The Thunder Tree, 1993

bradbary nn2015

If you are looking for more resources about Nature-based Play please refer to our resources page.  If you have ideas or “invitations” you would like to share with us and our readers please contact us at  Thanks and happy playing!

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