Family Nature Clubs

 Why Family Nature Clubs?

char east royce mnt

Even our youngest feel empowered by family outdoor adventure

As our daily lives with children get over scheduled and hectic it seems that often the outdoor play time is one of the first things to go in our society.  There is much research that suggests that this loss of play and time outside is resulting in a “Nature Deficit Disorder”.  As technology pushes our culture to new limits, many wonderful, it is also rewiring our brains and creating new stress in our bodies that we may not be able to easily handle.  Time to simply “be” in nature provides a method for relaxing and refocusing in ourselves and our children.  Committing, as a family, to be healthier and to spend time outside playing and recreating together in nature is a wonderful way to bond and grow as a family.  As parents we are our childrens’ best and most influential teachers; by spending structured and unstructured time outside with our kids we are giving them a huge gift-the knowledge of how to feel comfortable in the natural world and the understanding that nature can bring a deep sense of peace and well being into your life.  I am SO grateful to my parents for giving this gift to me and all of us at Nature Families are committed to giving this to our children and to as many children in our communities as possible.

Starting a family nature club for your children or for children in your community is a relatively easy task with HUGE benefits.  If you are an educator that can help teach/model to other parents outdoor lessons or experiences consider a family nature club as a way to share your knowledge in your community.  Educating whole families and not just children is a powerful education model that can create true cultural paradigm shift.  If you are a parent who is empowered to start a nature club for your children we would HIGHLY recommend doing so–even if you feel like it will take you a bit our of your comfort zone-trust use when we say this- your children will be forgiving and will LOVE and appreciate the efforts you are making to create something fun and beautiful for them!  We hope the content on this site will assist you in your efforts and will help you learn from others’ stories.

In the following pages we will describe different models of Family Nature Clubs, tools to help you start one in your community, and hopefully light the inspirational spark to encourage you to start your club.  If you do start a Family Nature Club be in touch with us and let us know your story so we can help share it with others.  Every club is unique with it’s own story and we would LOVE to hear yours!  Happy Trails!

apple picking nn

Apple Picking With the Nature Nuts Family Nature Club


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