Creating Healthy Communities

Creating Healthy, Vibrant Communities for Our Children

How do you envision a healthy community?  Does it have safe outdoor spaces where people of all ages can play and relax?  Do ALL the members of the community have access to healthy water, air and food?  Are there opportunities for people within the community to interact with one another face to face, building a sense of belonging and connection?  Do non-profits in your community collaborate with public programs like schools to better serve all members of the community?  Does your community promote and support healthy habits for humans, animals and the environment?  Is there access for ALL to art, music, open space?  Can individuals move about the community in safe, low cost ways?

These are huge questions that we face as members of communities.  How can we empower ourselves to create change in our own communities for the better?  Many of us live within communities that we take for granted.  We simply reside there.  But if we all just simply reside in our communities without thinking about how we can improve them or contribute to them in even small ways these communities will crumble and erode.  As parents, families, or caregivers it is our responsibility to participate in, and to create healthy vibrant communities where we live.  Remember that very small actions can grow into something bigger over time!

There is much more thinking, researching and writing to be explored in this topic and I will be posting about this topic for years to come!  If you have participated in a project or research around building healthy, sustainable, vibrant communities I would LOVE to hear about it and to share your story on this site!  Please contact Nature Families!


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