Exploring Your Local Wild Places in the Spring…A Quick and Easy Idea!


Discovering an ingenious homemade sap collection system in our local woods!

This has been a beautiful, tumultuous  and rambunctious spring here in New England, and much like my two and four year old daughters, new surprises seem to await behind every corner.  We have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the 50 degree days-delighting in the warmth and rejuvenation we have so missed feeling over the long winter; and then the next day, bundling up on the snowy 30 degree days-experts now at the whole dance of zipping snowsuits, finding mittens and the boot and hat shuffle.  It seems it is hard to predict what will come next, but that is something that makes spring a really exciting and enjoyable season to explore with children!  Every morning now the girls are running to the window wondering if it will be snowing, rainy or sunny!

I have been spending time lately thinking and teaching about spring and the signs of spring and will post more detailed lesson plans for family nature clubs or early childhood educators in few days, but I think as a parent it is important to remember that we don’t have to do long-well planned activities with our kids to get them outside having an awesome nature experience!  As parents we just need to help get our kids outside and into their local world-offering them safe spaces for exploration and play.  Here is a quick idea that you can do in the next few weeks in your own neighborhood this spring as a family or with friends… Have fun exploring!  If you have ideas on fun spring activities that you do with your family or friends please share!!!

Signs of Spring Walk

Take a walk around your neighborhood or in a local park or woods and look, listen, and feel the signs of spring.  Take your phone or camera along and take pictures with your kids of the signs they discover…you could even print them when you get home and make a little book or poster with them for their room.  This is a fun way to watch the evidence of seasonal change and to help your children explore a local place!  Here are just a few examples of the fun photos we took from our Signs of Spring Hike.


A perfect Deer Track was discovered in one of the last remaining snow patches


Snow drops first blooming!

Tunnels of Small Animals Emerging

Tunnels of Small Animals Emerging

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